Ghost Master (Steam) – Crossover Games

Ghost Master
with Crossover Games

1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Run Ghost Master without Steam
4. Run Ghost Master without Compiz
5. Troubleshooting
6. What Does Not Work


The guide shows you how to install and run Ghost Master. Ghost Master is one of the most underrated games and it really deserves more attention. Sadly it seems there’s no real market for such games. It’s an unique game in the same category as Dungeon Keeper – More games of these, thanks!

This is tested on Ubuntru 10.10 with Crossover Games 10 with a Nvidia card.


If you haven’t already installed steam, download Crossover Games file for Steam (.tie file – “Install via CrossTie”): Click here.

Double click on the .tie file and then the Crossover Software Installer pops up – Click [Proceed].

When Steam is installed and you have logged into steam, download Ghost Master.


There’s a mod which enhance the gameplay of Ghost Master but also allow you to run Ghost Master without starting Steam up.

Download it here: Click here

Double click the .exe file and you’ll be greeted by Crossover Software Installer. Choose [Steam] in the [Will install into the bottle..] menu. Thereafter click [Proceed].

It should automatically detect where Ghost Master is installed.


Open the terminal and type;

  • mkdir -p ~/.Games
  • nano ~/.Games/

  • add the following;

    metacity --replace &
    compiz --replace &

    [ctrl]+[o]: Save
    [ctrl]+[x]: Exit

    Now setting up a launcher;

  • chmod +x ~/.Games/
  • alacarte
  • Edit the current Ghost Master (all Ghost) entry to;

  • sh -c "~/.Games/"


    This is a little bit tricky, it’s almost hide’n’seek to change the settings with an invisible cursor.

    In Ghost Master Options go to Display and click the Enhance Cursor button. Then the Accept button.
    Now you’ll have a cursor.


    Ingame movies don’t work.


    Dragon Age – Crossover Games

    Startup screen of Dragon Age on Ubuntu Linux.DRAGON AGE
    with Crossover Games

    1. Introduction
    2. Installation
    3. Patches
    4. Disable Compiz
    5. Troubleshooting
    6. What Does Not Work


    This guide shows how to install Dragon Age with CrossOver Games. It should work with all linux flavors and is tested on Ubuntu 10.10 with Crossover Games 10. Crossover Games is not free and cost $39.95. It’s highly recommendable using a Nvidia card to play games in Linux.
    All the information I have found and gathered throughout the web and placed them in this guide so even Linux newbies can understand them.


    Insert Dragon Age DVD into your PC.

    Download Crossover Games file for Dragon Age (.tie file – “Install via CrossTie”): Click here

    Double click on the .tie file and then the Crossover Software Installer pops up – Click [Proceed].

    Crossover Software Installer

    Now relax and how Crossover Software Installer configuring, downloading and installing all needed software.


    The next thing that is needed is to patch up Dragon Age. Download the latest Dragon Age patch: Dragon Age: Origins 1.04

    Double click on the .exe patch and you’ll be greeted by Crossover Software Installer. Choose [Dragon Age_Origins] in the [Will install into the bottle..] menu. Thereafter click [Proceed].


    It’s a good idea to disable compiz the first time you run Dragon Age the first time. If Dragon Age runs a different resolution than your Desktop the effect of this would look funny.

    Press [alt]+[F2] and write:

  • metacity --replace
  • Start Dragon Age, in the ingame options set the resolution as the same as your Desktop. Exit Dragon Age.

    Press [alt]+[F2] and write:

  • compiz --replace



    Edit: ~/Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age/Settings/DragonAge.ini



    Applications tab —> Crossover Games —> Run a Windows Command


  • regedit

  • Browse through the list:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER —> Software —> Wine —> AppDefaults —> DAOrigins —> Direct3D

    Right click add New string. Right click it and click modify.
    Type: UseGLSL
    Right click ‘Modify Binary Data’
    Type: enabled


    Disable ‘Frame Buffer’ in Dragon Age ingame options.


    Dragon Age Game Editor.
    Save Game Screenshots (big deal :-P).
    Online Download Contents – Just do it manually instead.

    Widescreen Wallpapers

    Sometimes it’s hard to find good Wallpapers for HD/Widescreen sizes. Luckily there’s sites that specializing in both HD/widescreen. A lot of them are some of the prettiest of their kind out there.

    Here’s some of my favorites:

    Here’s a great sites to find HD/Widescreen Wallpapers:

    Power Linux Computer

    Here’s my Computer, powered by Kubuntu 9.10 Linux System. I bought the computer back in 2007 fall, it is which I test all my gaming guides you can find at UGA. It works perfectly and suits all my needs. Everything to Image and movie editing to Gaming.
    Though it have been expensive I’m very happy for the purchase.

    Here’s the specifications:


    CPU: Athlon64 6000+X2 Dual Core AM2 S-940 (both core 3Ghz)
    Motherboard: ASUS M2N232-SLI Deluxe S-940
    RAM: 4GB DDR2 PC6400 800mhz Corsair
    Video Card: ASUS GF 8800 GTX PCI-E 768MB DDR3
    HHD: 500GB Maxtor 7200rpm 16MB SATA2
    DVD 1: 48x16x Lite-ON DVD
    DVD 2 18x Pioneer DVD/RW Dual Layer
    Sound Card: Creative SB XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro
    Screen: 22″ Xerox XM7-22WD Wide TFT – 5ms – Digital(dvi)


    NZXT Zero Aluminium Black/Silver
    1000w Chiftec CFT-1000GDF 140mm+80mm
    80mm Arctic Cooling AF8025 19DB
    Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro s-939/940 (PCU)
    NZXT Sentry 1 LCD Fan Controller


    Logitech Premium Headset
    PCI card – 2xUSB 2.0 & 2x Firewire
    Logitech Cordless Desktop MX5000 Laser
    USB Bluetooth Dongle

    The first thing I did was removing the soundcard and replaced it with my old Audigy2 Extern as the driver for XF is still not good enough – so we have to wait a little longer. Next I installed NZXT Sentry 1 LCD Fan Controller in the cabinet and probed the CPU, HDD and the cabinet itself. In the BIOS I disabled the motherboard soundcard .

    Anothing thing I was worried about was my 22″ Wide TFT screen which is 5ms. Alot of people say that 5ms is not good if you play FPS games. So I put it to a test. I downloaded the demo version of ETWQ, installed it, pimped up all the settings…and I must say WOW!!1 The worries was uncalled, I was zoomed into the screen full of nice details, moved smoothly even when alot of stuff was happening at the same time. !!! No grey on screen !!! Can it be because my screen was plugged to the computer with DVI (digital)?
    Note I also ran Compiz in the background as well while playing ETQW which didn’t had any impact of the performance versus the strength of the Video card I have.

    The cabinet have 6 fans. 2 in the rear and 4 on the left side. The power-supply got one also, the video card have also one which is connected outside of the cabinet to avoid blowing hot air in the cabinet. And last but not least the CPU got a fan upon the arctic cooler aswell. 9 fans totally!