Ubuntu Game Icons

Ubuntu Game Icons

A project I have made for personal use, but decided to build more upon it and share with everyone.
If you have a wish for a game icon you want to have in the next update, please let me know.

Version 2.0 is out now. 195 Ubuntu Game Icons total.

version 2.0
84 Ubuntu Game Icons (512x512px)
– 45 Free/Indie/commercial game icons
– 36 FOSS game icons
– 3 other

Eschalon I + II redone.

version 1.0
110 Ubuntu Game Icons (512x512px)
– 91 Free/Indie/commercial game icons
– 19 FOSS game icons
– 1 Bonus icon (Desura)


  1. Very nice icons ! 😉

    • lkjoel
    • November 30th, 2011

    Good job! I don’t know how I could use them, but it really looks good!
    How do you make icons like these?

  2. Like the Icons but I run Arch

  3. Hi,

    Very nice. Thanks. I want use some of these [1] on one of my Google+ pages [2]. Could you tell me what is licence of these icons? Is it possible to make some changes on them like changing Ubuntu logo with Pardus logo etc?

    [1] list: Lugaru.png Minecraft.png Red Eclipse.png Roll’em UP.png Unknown Horizons.png Xonotic.png
    [2] https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/110162180529914707126/110162180529914707126/posts

    • You are free to make changes to them. The license is different depending on the license of each games license on the graphic. But fair-share as long you don’t use them on commercial purpose or add them to a project to gain something.
      The FOSS icons are ofcause license under various GPL and the like.

  1. November 30th, 2011

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