World in Conflict (Steam) – with Crossover Games

World in Conflict on Ubuntu Linux

World in Conflict
with Crossover Games

1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Troubleshooting


World in Conflict and Soviet Assault on Ubuntu 10.10 with Crossover Games 10. It’s highly recommendable running this with a Nvidia cards for best performance and less headache.


If you haven’t already installed steam, download Crossover Games file for Steam (.tie file – “Install via CrossTie”): Click here.

Double click on the .tie file and then the Crossover Software Installer pops up – Click [Proceed].

When Steam is installed and you have logged into steam, download World in Conflict and afterwards World in Conflict: Soviet Assault.

Next, you need to install a Windows library to the Steam Bottle. Download it to your Desktop: Click here to download.

Open the terminal and type;

  • cd ~/Desktop
  • cp -r dxdiagn.dll ~/.cxgames/Steam/drive_c/windows/system32

  • Next Click on the Steam bottle, go to [Control Panel] tab and press [Wine Configuration].

    Click [Libraries].

    Write: d3d10
    under [New override for library] and click [Add]. Now press the [Edit] and select [Disable].

    Write: dxdiagn
    under [New override for library] and click [Add].


    You may need to disable Compiz to run World in conflict for the first time. Then set World in Conflict resolution as the same resolution as your Desktop. Then you can run the game without disabling Compiz.

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