Elven Legacy (+Expansions) – with Crossover Games

Elven Legacy on Ubuntu

Elven Legacy
with Crossover Games

1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Patch
4. Expansion Sets
5. Map Editor
6. Troubleshooting


Elven Legacy + all expansions on Ubuntu Linux with Crossover Games 10. The installation of Elven Legacy is not so hard, but I’m writing it anyway as there may be some who find it hard.
Elven Legacy is a great Turn-based Strategy that can be hard if you strife for perfection (Gold medal in every quest).
As with other Crossover Games/Wine or linux games for that matter; It’s high recommendable with a Nvidia card for best result and less pain on Linux. This guide have been tested on this beast.


Insert Elven Legacy DVD into your PC.

Launch Manage Bottles.
(Applications tab —> Crossover Games —> Manage Bottles)

[Add] a new bottle called Elven Legacy.

Select Elven Legacy entry. Click [Applications] tab, press the [Install Software] button.
Under [Runtime Support Components] and install these:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • Microsoft Vidual C++ 2005 Redistrbutable
  • DirectX 9

  • Next, press the [Install Software] button again, but this time,
    Choose Unsupported Applications —> Community Supported Apllications —> Other Applications

    Then press the [Select an Installer] and click on the Elven Legacy DVD.
    Click [Install].


    Download Elven Legacy Patch ( Download Here

    Double click the patch and install it in Elven Legacy Bottle.


    Insert Elven Legacy: Ranger – Install it on Elven Legacy Bottle
    Insert Elven Legacy: Siege – Install it on Elven Legacy Bottle
    Insert Elven Legacy: Magic – Install it on Elven Legacy Bottle


    Insert Elven Legacy, double click on MapEditor_setup.exe and install it under Elven Legacy Bottle.


    If it complains/error on installing on one of the Expansion. Close Crossover Software Installer/Manage Bottles. Open the Expansion DVD. Double click the setup.exe and install it that way.

    If an error window popup when launching Elven Legacy saying:

    WMI: pIWben Locator -> ConnectServer failed: 0x80041001

    Click on the error window and hit [enter] afterwards. The game will start.

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