Dragon Age – Crossover Games

Startup screen of Dragon Age on Ubuntu Linux.DRAGON AGE
with Crossover Games

1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Patches
4. Disable Compiz
5. Troubleshooting
6. What Does Not Work


This guide shows how to install Dragon Age with CrossOver Games. It should work with all linux flavors and is tested on Ubuntu 10.10 with Crossover Games 10. Crossover Games is not free and cost $39.95. It’s highly recommendable using a Nvidia card to play games in Linux.
All the information I have found and gathered throughout the web and placed them in this guide so even Linux newbies can understand them.


Insert Dragon Age DVD into your PC.

Download Crossover Games file for Dragon Age (.tie file – “Install via CrossTie”): Click here

Double click on the .tie file and then the Crossover Software Installer pops up – Click [Proceed].

Crossover Software Installer

Now relax and how Crossover Software Installer configuring, downloading and installing all needed software.


The next thing that is needed is to patch up Dragon Age. Download the latest Dragon Age patch: Dragon Age: Origins 1.04

Double click on the .exe patch and you’ll be greeted by Crossover Software Installer. Choose [Dragon Age_Origins] in the [Will install into the bottle..] menu. Thereafter click [Proceed].


It’s a good idea to disable compiz the first time you run Dragon Age the first time. If Dragon Age runs a different resolution than your Desktop the effect of this would look funny.

Press [alt]+[F2] and write:

  • metacity --replace
  • Start Dragon Age, in the ingame options set the resolution as the same as your Desktop. Exit Dragon Age.

    Press [alt]+[F2] and write:

  • compiz --replace



    Edit: ~/Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age/Settings/DragonAge.ini



    Applications tab —> Crossover Games —> Run a Windows Command


  • regedit

  • Browse through the list:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER —> Software —> Wine —> AppDefaults —> DAOrigins —> Direct3D

    Right click add New string. Right click it and click modify.
    Type: UseGLSL
    Right click ‘Modify Binary Data’
    Type: enabled


    Disable ‘Frame Buffer’ in Dragon Age ingame options.


    Dragon Age Game Editor.
    Save Game Screenshots (big deal :-P).
    Online Download Contents – Just do it manually instead.

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